1. Pride

2. Attachment

3. Envy

4. Anger

The Mandala Lab is an interactive installation that invites curiosity through our emotions. Inspired by powerful Buddhist principles, it features five activities that encourage reflection, playful experiences including videos accompanied by scents, a sculpture inviting collective breathing practice, and suspended percussion instruments submerged in water, guiding people on an inner journey focused on self-awareness and consciousness.

In this four-episode series, we will accompany Iraqi writer and feminist activist Zainab Salbi and American neuroscientist Dr. Richard J. Davidson through the installation to discover interactively the power of our emotions, and reflect on our ability to transform them and become aware of them.

Miguel G. Orive’s sensitivity to subject and his instinctive application of being able to match the perfect image to what was otherwise a theory in a very short space of time is impressive. He is able to create a distillation from complexity; visual poetry from philosophy; and all within budget and within time.

Tim McHenry, Deputy Director, Rubin Museum of Art New York City

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