Konzéntrika Films was responsible for all the audiovisual production of the event, producing numerous interviews, daily summaries, aftermovies, and other creative materials to document this inspiring gathering. Capturing all the strength and emotion experienced during those days at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao and other iconic spaces was both a challenge and a tremendous responsibility. Thanks to excellent teamwork and genuine sensitivity, Konzéntrika Films produced works with a very deep emotional and conceptual content, sometimes under exhausting time constraints.

The Konzentrika team brought a unique approach to our storytelling project and I’m amazed at how they hit the ground running from day one and got a firm understanding of our video & post-production needs without needing us to go into too many details.

Some words to describe the team: Adaptable, Creative, Warm, and Human. These were qualities that came through on every project that they delivered. The results were phenomenal!!

Missy Rentz, Storytelling lead, The Wellbeing Project.

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