Nahiarte commissioned us to develop two visibility campaigns, through large format posters placed in the space provided by Metro Bilbao. Both in I’m an ARTIST and in Art with Positive Energy, with the collaboration of Goiener, we sought to praise the figure of the artists for their work, above their psychic and intellectual condition, always linking them to their works through compositions of multiple images.

In Art with Positive Energy, we also created an interactive relationship with the viewer by including QR codes on each poster, allowing them to listen to each artist’s testimony.

By integrating into such a public and busy space as the Bilbao metro, we wanted to take the opportunity to emphasize the encounter of ordinary people with this team of artists. That is why we took portraits that fixate the viewer’s gaze, giving them the opportunity to listen to their message for a few seconds and immerse themselves in their vision and their world on their daily journey.

I am ARTIST naiz
Art with positive energy

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